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Hobby World Expo

Hobby World Expo--2019 GK Figures & Models, Designer Toys, Games & Comics Festival

                                                                         Time: 29 Nov.-1 Dec. 2019         Location: China International Exhibition Center (New Venue)
                                                                         Total area:30,000㎡                    Estimated attendees:60,000

Through the concentration of figures exhibition, art toys exhibition, comics exhibition, and games exhibition, Hobby World Expo--2019 GK Figures & Models, Designer Toys, Games & Comics Festival aims to build a 30,000 ㎡ scale, professional, and international comprehensive high-end exhibition platform. Over 600 exhibitors, artists, designers all over the world will exhibit in Hobby World Expo which is expected to attract 60,000 attendees.

Hobby World Expo will hold six exhibitions including, Garage Kits, Figures & Models Exhibition, Art Toys & Designer Toys Exhibition, Animation & Comics, IP Derivatives Exhibition, Game Trend Exhibition, Fashion Culture Exhibition, and Board Game Exhibition, bring together many global heavyweight brand exhibitors, artists, designers, and special guests! Share audiences in many related exhibitions held together, achieving better trade effects, exclusively showcase the latest, and limited GK figures, models, art toys, IP derivatives, 3A games, concurrently organize numerous activities, signing sessions, an on-site promotion platform for innovative creations.
Thematic exhibitions with similar audiences will be held together under the framework of Hobby World Expo. It will not only achieve scale effect, but also attract more professional audiences, and consumers to visit. One-stop interactive communication and promotion platform is built to achieve better trade and promotion value beyond a single exhibition. Hobby World Expo will also deepen its cooperation with more than 150 professional media, and mass media at home and abroad, carry out comprehensive publicity, and promotion, and ensure the ideal exhibition effect.
2019 China (Beijing) Hobby World Expo Organizing Committee will also cooperate with many exhibitors, artists and distribution channels, and promote partners to hold joint brand promotion during the Expo, and as an important marketing activity after the Double 11, Hobby World Expo concentrates on the momentum, collect and release, create an interactive consumption carnival to achieve the ideal brand promotion and marketing effect.
Now 2019 China (Beijing) Hobby World Expo has entered the stage of organizing preparation, and various promotion and investment work has been carried out steadily. Many domestic and foreign head manufacturers, well-known brands, studios, artists and designers have confirmed their intention to participate, and the relevant details will be released gradually, which is worth looking forward to! On November 15-17, 2019, let us meet in China Hobby World Expo and witness the grand trade fair in the world of creative hobbies.