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Hobby World Expo

FAQs of Hobby World Expo

1.      What is Hobby World Expo--Designer Toys, Figures & Models, Comics & Games Festival?

Hobby World Expo:

Hobby World Expo--Designer Toys, Figures & Models, Comics & Games Festival is a much-observed event in China with total show area 30,000 ㎡ . More than 60,000 attendees are expected to visit. This year, over 600 exhibitors, artists, designers all over the world will exhibit in Hobby World Expo. We have exclusive activities, live shows, signing sessions, systemic propaganda programs. This is the best gateway for overseas exhibitors to show their innovative design and explore Chinese market.

2.      What can international artists get from your expo?

Hobby World Expo:

Our Expo is specially designed for overseas exhibitors, artists and designers to showcase in China. Special propaganda and other services are certainly necessary, and you can gain as follows.

1.         Reputation! Special publicities on media to expand your reputation and attract more fans in China.

2.         Enthusiasm! Your fans have waited for a long time. It’s time for you to feel their enthusiasm!

3.         Friendship! Do you miss your artist friends? Why not meet them in our expo?

4.         Business opportunities! Your future partners are waiting for you in our expo! They want to cooperate with you eagerly.

3.      When is Hobby World Expo?

Hobby World Expo:

Hobby World Expo (29 Nov.-1 Dec. 2019) lasts for 3 days.

Friday:       9 am- 5 pm   Public

Saturday:  9 am- 5 pm   Public

Sunday:    9 am- 4 pm   Public

4.      Where is the Hobby World Expo?

Hobby World Expo:

China international Exhibition Center (new venue) is the biggest and most famous exhibition center with convenient transportation and perfect service in the north of China. More than 30 large-scale international and domestic exhibitions are held here every year. As a large-scale and international exhibition, Hobby World Expo will be held in this ideal platform too!

By Subway: China International Exhibition Center (new venue) is located just next to the subway. Please take Line 15 to China International Exhibition Center Station and exit from the gate A.

5.      How do International designers sell goods without knowing Chinese?

Hobby World Expo:

You certainly don't need to use body language, Lol. We'll provide interpreter services to assist international artists in selling works and communicating with future partners. Language is not a barrier anymore.

6.      Custom “likes” my works very much, so they are stopped many times. What should I do?

Hobby World Expo:

Relatively, this is a normal circumstance. To avoid it, we propose two plans.

Plan A: Hobby World Expo can provide official forwarder service to ship your works and guard them until they arrive in China safely.

Plan B: You can ship works less quantity but more times to us and we can store it. This will reduce the risk of customs inspections.

7.      When is the application deadline?

Hobby World Expo:

The application deadline is 29 Oct. but may be earlier than this time because the booths are so popular! Apply for the booth right now, you can still catch up with the first-round propaganda and have right to choose better location.