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Through the concentration of figures exhibition, art toys exhibition, comics exhibition, and games exhibition, Hobby World Expo--2019 Designer Toys, Figures & Models, Games & Comics Festival aims to build a 30,000 ㎡scale, professional, and international comprehensive high-end exhibition platform. Over 600 exhibitors, artists, designers all over the world will exhibit in Hobby World Expo which is expected to attract 60,000 attendees including a large number of fans, and consumers, as well as many professionals from design, and manufacturing, distribution channels, trade, and cooperation. As the biggest, and most influential exhibition focusing on creative hobbies in Northern China, Hobby World Expo will surely provide ideal marketing opportunities to brand promotion, on-site sales, business cooperation, and interactive exchanges.

Hobby World Expo is organized by Hobby World Expo Exhibition Co,. Ltd. This company is composed of a group of professional executives in the exhibition field who has rich experience in planning, promotion, and implementation of B2B, and B2C exhibitions, and has successfully organized a number of large-scale exhibitions including China (Beijing) International“Internet+”Era Expo, China International Internet + Finance Expo and Beijing International Art Handicrafts & Treasures Expo etc. Hobby World Expo will not only be held in Beijing, but also in multi site in the future, providing a platform for brand promotion, channel expansion, and interactive marketing.